Sara Sach Now Media Partner of XBIT GIGAS ,Specialize in Corporate Events




Specialize in Corporate Events, PR & Brand Management, Event Production, Communication & Identity Design, Brand Launches & Activations, Exhibit Design & Space Design, Celebrity Management, Wedding Planning & Festivals Management.


XBIT GIGAS are amongst the fastest growing conglomerates amongst the Entertainment Industry, bestowed with the revolutionary and outstanding line of products and services.

To produce awe-inspiring events and serve our clientele with innovative and best-in-class event solutions, that showcases our commitment to quality service.


XBIT GIGAS is the perfect amalgamation of strategy and execution, and aims at delivering unmatched results for your business.
With a strategic approach and a turnkey business system, we are an Event Management agency, which specializes in producing events of the highest standard and providing tailored event solutions for retail and corporate.

When you come to Xbit Gigas, your expectations come to life; giving birth to what we at Xbit Gigas believe is an ‘Experience’. An Experience: that will set your event apart from your competitors. An Experience: that is going to live long after the lights have been turned off.